You Can't Punk Me No More // Charles Metcalf

5 Gsh 2019
121 698 Shikime

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  • Major Key 🔑: The devil doesn’t care if I’m listening to this sermon. He only cares if I get something from it and I change.

    Alexandra BooneAlexandra Boone28 ditë më parë
  • YYYYYYEEEEESSSSSSS PREACH I know that this was not done recently but I DONT CARE this is a full WORD God bless you Pastor Charles

    Autumn PAutumn PMuaj më parë
  • Praise God for this message. Perception has been one of my biggest battles. Praying for healing and by the grace and mercy of God, my Goliath will be slayed. Thank you Pastor Metcalf

    Elizabeth AElizabeth AMuaj më parë
  • When we get to heaven

    Pided PiperPided Piper2 muaj më parë
  • I guess were all the same color

    Pided PiperPided Piper2 muaj më parë
  • You are right for a black boy

    Pided PiperPided Piper2 muaj më parë
  • Are Caleeb

    Pided PiperPided Piper2 muaj më parë
  • Maybe your name is Joshua

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  • Amen There’s nothing like the word of God

    Pided PiperPided Piper2 muaj më parë
  • This sermon, this sermon is on 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Santanie BrownSantanie Brown3 muaj më parë
  • Your perception affects your progress.👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Maria RMaria R4 muaj më parë
  • This one hit me good 🙏🙏

    Keli d JKeli d J4 muaj më parë
  • We are not David. We are not strong enough to overcome SIN and DEATH. But Jesus is. David is a foreshadowing of the savior to come. We are the scared Israelites cowering from Goliath.

    Jake CoxJake Cox5 muaj më parë
  • Wow! so powerful

    gruv2nzgruv2nz6 muaj më parë
  • Glory .. Hallelujah .. truly needed this .. thank you God

    L. EtienneL. Etienne6 muaj më parë
  • This is still one of my favourite sermon by pastor Charles.

    Chisomo Charles MusomaChisomo Charles Musoma7 muaj më parë
  • Sermon Notes 📝 Text: I Samuel 17:4 -Definitions: Punk’d-Means if you have a bad experience once, the enemy will not even lay his hands on you. he just reminds you of that bad experience so you get stuck in a mindset. 1. How you view it (perception) will always determine how you move forward (progress). A. The Israelites had NEVER EVER lost a battle against the Philistines. Yet because their Goliath looked different, they became afraid.

    Princess APrincess A7 muaj më parë
  • Fire 🔥 🔥🔥🔥

    Movie ghuyMovie ghuy7 muaj më parë
  • Watch this Gods Will when u have time!!! ITSSS SOOOO GREAT!!!

    Heaven SmithHeaven Smith7 muaj më parë
  • amazing im at a place after watching this for the first time where the devil really cant punk me no more :)

    Mary ClaudiaMary Claudia7 muaj më parë
  • This is my third time watching this message... I'll probably listen to it again later...

    Simone GibbsSimone Gibbs9 muaj më parë
  • I believe in this prayer. I was prayed over to receive and be opened to speaking to the sprit and while it wasn't immediate, I received the gift.

    Chriss MountainChriss Mountain10 muaj më parë
  • Great message! I was in a sticky situation and it made me stress so bad. But at the end i said, i give it to God because He is Lord over the situation, i need to show Him i trust Him. So i did, i said God, do whatever you want because you have a better plan for me than i have. Everything turned out fine, God learned me a lesson. I love this message, so so good. All Glory to God

    Eden GardenEden Garden10 muaj më parë
  • this is so what i needed blessings to you all at transformation, this is deeper than the Mariana Trench

    marisa campbellmarisa campbell11 muaj më parë
  • From d bottom of my heart n in tears Thank you... u guys got me wanting to b a better Christian...

    Gayon WalkerGayon WalkerVit më parë
  • From d bottom of my heart n in tears Thank you... u guys got me wanting to b a better Christian...

    Gayon WalkerGayon WalkerVit më parë
  • He is amazing just amazing..... His view of the David and Goliath story is wayyyyy unique and just mind blowing. I. Never heard it this way. Love from India Sir.

    Malina DsouzaMalina DsouzaVit më parë
  • You don't even know how much I needed this. Thank you so much.

    JanineJanineVit më parë
  • Man all the pastors here are so in Christ, it’s amazing

    Sarah HSarah HVit më parë
  • I will be successful, I will find happiness , I will reconnect with my person ! I have faith !!

    MelMelVit më parë
  • Every time I hear a sermon about a story that's been shared before like David & Goliath, it goes to show that we can learn new things just with a different perspective. This was a great sermon, I pray and hope that those of you who listened will apply these notes to your lives for great transformation will come. Peace and love.

    Courtney WilliamCourtney WilliamVit më parë
  • This message is amazing

    Zach M.Zach M.Vit më parë
  • Loveeeee this 😇😇😇

    Seelochnie Sandra SinghSeelochnie Sandra SinghVit më parë
  • He cute Just saying sum

    Seelochnie Sandra SinghSeelochnie Sandra SinghVit më parë
  • Great message but please do your own personal study of the Trinity. But for us, There is one God, the Father, by whom all things were created, and for whom we live. And there is one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom all things were created, and through whom we live. I Corinthians 8:6. The holy spirit is the presence of Jesus, this is how God is omnipresent. Please carefully and prayerfully study this doctrine it originally came from the catholic church.

    Steph JSteph JVit më parë
  • Man that is a WORD!!! I love it.

    Tonitta TottressTonitta TottressVit më parë
  • This video needs way more views! Pastor Charles you are evolving , such a powerful speaker I wish more people could hear this.

    Catina DeannCatina DeannVit më parë
  • @charlesmetcalf thank you sooo much for allowing God to speak through and deliver this word. Literally the first thing I have heard in a long time! This word was for me!!!

    Bee BanksBee BanksVit më parë
  • This is sooooo good

    Bee BanksBee BanksVit më parë
  • Thank you guys for this have been going through some things so I have been turning away and I dont want to turn away no more. Recommit myself to God everyday

    RaenelleyRaenelleyVit më parë
  • I’m so mad at myself for waiting so long to listen to this message...shame on me!!!

    Edward AlfredEdward AlfredVit më parë
  • This is just so good pastor Charles....i ain't getting punked no more

    Nicole ChavundukaNicole ChavundukaVit më parë
  • What a strong message 🙏

    Bridget89314Bridget89314Vit më parë
  • It is the most powerful message in transformation church i've heard so far. Thank you ! God bless you!

    Natalia PNatalia PVit më parë

    Briziee xoBriziee xoVit më parë
  • I am done getting punked

    Marshay HMarshay HVit më parë

    Demouna CortezDemouna CortezVit më parë
  • Sheeesssshhhh!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥📖📖📖 I'm crying, laughing, shouting & its 4am I got in trouble with my mom 😂 pray for a brotha, just tryna get some word in lol!

    BrandonBrandonVit më parë
  • great message! i was touched and encouraged, amen!

    Elizabeth JohnsonElizabeth JohnsonVit më parë
  • You can't punk me no more

    IamCrystal BrownIamCrystal BrownVit më parë
  • I. FELT. THAT. Periodttt

    Awura-Abena BerkoAwura-Abena BerkoVit më parë
  • "Perspective" changes a whole lot if you change your mindset. I'm grateful for my walk with God and changed mindset. It's all a mind over matter situation.#DevilyouWILLNOTpunkmeANYMORE!🙅

    Sakira ManleySakira ManleyVit më parë
  • 15:00

    Grace MainaGrace MainaVit më parë
  • Great word GOD is so good ❤️✝️

    HOLYFAM T.V.HOLYFAM T.V.Vit më parë
  • wow! This message has totally blessed me. I will not be punked no more.

    June KanyataJune KanyataVit më parë
  • I like this sermon its very uplifting thank you brother

    Christopher MorrisChristopher MorrisVit më parë
  • Amen🔥🔥😭

    Quellery HuisemasQuellery HuisemasVit më parë
  • Pastor thank you! Thank you so much! The devil has been attacking my mind with thoughts against God and against His Holy Spirit. I heard this message and realized the devil has literally been coming against my power source! I can’t overcome these thoughts without the Holy Spirit. Thank you for giving glory to the Presence of God. This was for me! Pray for my release as I diligently seek to know and have the Holy Spirit dwell in me. Glory to God! I was sent to fight the lies of the enemy, my release comes when I start fighting. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    Naomi GuerrasioNaomi GuerrasioVit më parë
  • Thank you for the message! You are amazing Charles ❤️

    Vasthi DesrochesVasthi DesrochesVit më parë
  • Oh my goodness the African elephant analogy was powerful! Holy Spirit hit me hard on 37:15 Thank you Jesus, I am not a victim of the enemy anymore. You can't punk me no more devil!!

    Dasanye SmithDasanye SmithVit më parë
  • I hope this is not a joke...........too many fake preachers everywhere

    zeagan willyzeagan willyVit më parë
  • 👏🏽👏👏🏼👏🏻👏🏿👏🏾

    Annie ParkerAnnie ParkerVit më parë
  • I can’t even tell you how this has touched me. I was going to listen to another sermon in my playlist although I was around 5 minutes into this one as I listened to it a day ago. But something told me to finish it and so I did and let me tell you God was talking to me through this and I’m so thankful. Oh lord I’m in love with you and always will be!❤️

    SmittenInLoveSmittenInLoveVit më parë
  • Come on now you betta preach!!!!

    JasMontrellJasMontrellVit më parë
  • I really appreciate the title and the word that relates to it. the beginning football story was a little long winded tho.

    Blessed & GratefulBlessed & GratefulVit më parë
  • Pastor Charles message was just Monumental

    bry Pierrebry PierreVit më parë
  • Such a powerful POWERFUL MESSAGE! Your delivery to such a taboo topic (in and out) of church was completely empowered by the Spirit. I could sense the power through the screen! Amen!

    Jasmine MarieJasmine MarieVit më parë
  • Such an important message

  • Wow a few days ago I watch this and I did as instructed and prayed and seek the holy spirit and appeared in me. I asked God for two specific things the next day and before the day was done I received both of them. I knew then he heard me I believed I had faith and his power was at work in me. Thank you Charles and thank you God. Amen

    toni ann Lawrencetoni ann LawrenceVit më parë
  • Thank you for preaching this word, I really needed to hear this, I’ve been feeling distant from God and this really encouraged me and I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me on things I needed to hear. I prayed the prayer at the end and really felt the Holy Spirit come into my life and I felt God’s presents again, thank you for what y’all do 🙏💛

    Joanna PerezJoanna PerezVit më parë
  • this is good!

    Derryck OlungaDerryck OlungaVit më parë
  • Thank you for this message I love this I needed this

    Toluwani BodunrinToluwani BodunrinVit më parë
  • Hi my name is Daniel from Costa Rica, i am 28 years old and i will never forget this sermon. I think it changed something inside of me. For a long time i have been facing again and again the fear of intimacy after been abuse every night since i was five years old to nearly my adolescen.. I realy undesrtand the fear of been hit again... Thanks to every people who fights for this to be able to reach to me here in Costa Rica, none of your batles have been in vane

    Daniel VargasDaniel VargasVit më parë
  • I love it but it’s important to remember that we don’t give people the power of the Holy Spirit, it doesn’t work like that (I know that’s not quite what he was saying it’s just that some churches do be saying that) but anyways I love y’all and this was a great message, Charles is always on point.

    TG AGAPETG AGAPEVit më parë
  • I knew I had to click on that video, and I was not expecting that ! Thanks for the reminder ! It is life changing truth ! God bless you and your family ! May His power always be renewed in you, so that through your life, many will be saved ! Nb - Please consider establishing campuses in Europe 🤗

    Benie GrBenie GrVit më parë
  • A while back I learned that the part of the scripture stating "three in one" was actually straight up added to the bible, so that made me even less inclined to pray with any mention of the holy spirit. I kind of just figured then that all the spirit really did was make you feel bad when you do something wrong. Glad to know / be reminded that the holy spirit is/ brings power and that I can pray for that power to be basically activated in me, in Jesus' name. Glad I clicked.

    big phone OLDbig phone OLDVit më parë
  • God made away for me to purchase my ticket ... now I’m in search of someone who would travel with me from ATLANTA Georgia.

    Mis.Monika *Mis.Monika *Vit më parë
  • powerful

    Dora CassongoDora CassongoVit më parë
  • This was amazing!!! Thank you so much for that extra prayer for us on the web. God is so good! I love you TC!💕

    Gabriela SanchezGabriela SanchezVit më parë
  • Awesome

    Kierra ChampriceKierra ChampriceVit më parë
  • I looked away and the sound dipped... Here's me turning up the T.V confused... only to clock that it's part of his point 😂 Yiikkess

    Nathan HGNathan HGVit më parë
  • devil, you can't punk me no more

    astha sharonastha sharonVit më parë
  • This whole year God has been trying to help me realize that I am totally and completely free. But my thinking hadn’t changed because I used my past as an excuse as to why I couldn’t move forward in what God has promised me. In specific areas, God would be like ‘I have this for you’ and I would be like ‘No. Remember what happened to me or what I went through.’ I had a morphed perception and perspective which He worked on but I wouldn’t allow His Spirit to fully move in certain areas of my life because I was comfortable and complacent in my fear and hurts. I used it as a badge. Constantly, forgetting that I am a child of God with power and authority - with an inheritance from Heaven as an heir of God and co-heir with Christ. I always had an excuse ready but recently I’ve become tired of my excuses. I do want what God has for me. I won’t allow bondages or sin or suffering or doubt or fear or pain hold me back any longer. I’ve seen God move incredibly in my life over the past decade. I know that He would move mountains for me. He has set me free from so many things. He has rescued me from so many things. He has always been with me. This time again I’m going to let Him have His way and let Him be God of it all. My future, my family, my work, my relationships, my community and my city and everything else. God, You can have it all. Thanks Transformation Church and Nation for letting God use you all for His Glory!! Love from South Florida!

    Mosha MacMosha MacVit më parë
  • YOOOOoooooOOOOOOooooooo!!!! The Devil is a LIE if you don’t walk away from this video a HITTER, a FIGHTER ready to be on the frontline. Even if you don’t tap into’s in you!!! It’s in you, it’s in Me! Hello! This is what being WOKE feels like. Amen!!!!!

    A.N. MahdiA.N. MahdiVit më parë
  • 🙏🙏🙏

    Kierra WoofterKierra WoofterVit më parë
  • Thank you from Korea

    Sol C.Sol C.Vit më parë
  • Soooo powerful .Thank God for the Holy Spirit

    nirinasoa rahaingoniainanirinasoa rahaingoniainaVit më parë
  • Fire! 🔥🔥🔥

    Gio ManlangitGio ManlangitVit më parë
  • You never punked me anyway

    Rashida HankinsRashida HankinsVit më parë
  • Goliath got shot without a gun, just a rubber band and some smooth pebbles moving at bullet speed... 🤣😂😅 The Lord your God!!! Yall see him? Praise Him then...

    Babi UlilateBabi UlilateVit më parë
  • That message was life

    Kelly LattimoreKelly LattimoreVit më parë
  • That was a great sermon

    Natasha JohnsonNatasha JohnsonVit më parë
  • this is intense. really needed this.

    ana martinsana martinsVit më parë
  • This was so good❤️

    Jo KalengaJo KalengaVit më parë
  • I needed this word the message was amazing!! Well done🙌🏾

    RayMoRayMoVit më parë
  • Pastor Charles thank you for delivering this POWERFUL, ENCOURAGING message!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥GLORY be to God ALMIGHTY!!!!🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 There's a shifting going on with my Perception, Perspective and I'm tapping into my Power, through my Helper, the Holy Spirit 🙏🏽I declare I AM DONE BEING PUNKED!! 💯 Blessings to you, your beautiful family and ALL of the Transformation Church!!!

    aqualibra961aqualibra961Vit më parë
  • That was really good! I stopped watched when he said it was about David and Goliath... I know it backwards... But I had to come back and finish it. Well worth it!

    Chiera CominottoChiera CominottoVit më parë
  • This was indeed a life changing sermon ❤️

    Tamandani Lisa BandaTamandani Lisa BandaVit më parë
  • This really blessed my spirit. Thank you Jesus for sending this word for me!!!!!

    Brynn MurrayBrynn MurrayVit më parë
  • Beautiful service

    Driven_ LoveDriven_ LoveVit më parë