Transformation Conference $99 Flash Sale!

2 Gsh 2019
8 866 Shikime

Register today to save on your ticket to Transformation Conference: vERSION 01! The 72 Hour Special ends on 8/5 at midnight, so head to to make sure to get your ticket while seats are available. We'll see you September 10-12th!

  • That was a fun video! Great way to sell tickets.

    Alexandra BooneAlexandra BooneMuaj më parë
  • Hopefully you guys see this, maybe instead of doing those crazy faith donations to churches, just maybe use $50,000 (or less) out of your budget to fund your own conference to pay for everything making it FREE for everyone who wants to go 🙂

    Nathaniel MNathaniel M6 muaj më parë
  • Pay to Hear the Word of God????

    Carlo Antonio TevesCarlo Antonio TevesVit më parë
  • Y’all this is false! As much as I love Pastor Michael Todd and I am so grateful the Lord used him to remind me the importance of grace, God does not honor this. He does not honor the new building, he does not honor prosperity. There is no honor, those things are idols. I hope as a Body of Christ we receive the truth. Pray for Pastor and continue in faith.

    Mi'chal MooreMi'chal MooreVit më parë
    • msophieloren thank you so much in Jesus Name Amen! Be blessed as well for your weekend will be fruitful in the name of Jesus! God bless you! ❤️

      Mi'chal MooreMi'chal MooreVit më parë
    • Thank you my sister in Christ. Let's pray. Lord we worship you. You are the name above all names. Lord show us your ways. Teach us to speak your word correctly. Let us sow seeds of love joy and peace. Lord by your saving grace you promised to take us up into heaven. We will not be here to witness the Antichrist times. But let us preach words that those left behind will read and turn to you then. Let us not sow division but be one in Christ. Lord guide the people you have put in authority teach them to use the blessings you have availed them to bring more to Christ. We will not let the lust of the flesh and of this world turn us away from you. Let's us not sit back Lord but show us how we too can make a difference. Let us not be Christians who critic but give us strength to start up that which we believe will be an example to the rest. If its street preaching let us start it. If its less ostentatious housing for your church let us start it. Let's lead by example. Give us the courage and strength to get dirty in the struggle of winning souls to you Christ. We pray that any housing set up for you be a place of peace, be a place of glorification of God. We know we do not fight flesh and blood so show us yourself that we may see the enemy from a mile away as he approaches through gossip, discord, division, gossip, backbiting. The mouth creates Lord and we will not allow our lips to create anything that speaks against your will. Thank you Lord for loving us for sending your son to save us. In his name we pray and know you have heard our cries and answered our prayer. Be blessed my dear.

      msophielorenmsophielorenVit më parë
    • msophieloren sister in Christ we are not getting no where in this conversation. I have stayed with my words you can't sell the Truth. We have to care about all our brother and sisters. We don't need more churches. We need more people in Christ going in the streets and bringing lost souls to Christ. The buildings became a social club and hiding ground. The AntiChrist won't care. I want to leave you with be ready Sister in Christ for His coming. We will be persecuted for His Name. We will die for His name. I love you in the name of Christ and I will continue speaking Truth to all because my Lord Jesus did it openly. Have a blessed day!

      Mi'chal MooreMi'chal MooreVit më parë
    • Countries that have God and just the floor (hallelujah) are so rich in spirit generosity you would be surprised . You seem inclined to redistribution of wealth but your argument is Transformation shouldn't buy a building to house its growing members who need God because other poor countries need the money ...So you would rather they forsake the neighbour they see hungering for God in pursuit of one they don't know???... I'm from Africa Uganda to be precise and we are so rich in our love for God...God has blessed our country with beautiful weather, our grounds are full of minerals and oil. We don't fret over generosity towards winning souls for Christ....personally America and Europe need more churches going up than the rest of the continents if you asked me. Also Christians can twist the word to justify their action...Proverbs 27:5 rebuke doesn't mean announce over social media....if you research a little more on that scripture it means to be honest with one.... Doesn't say publicly....better to tell a person you smell than tell others about it for example....and while we are at scripture I could easily use Mathew 26:11 The poor you will always have with you....but that scripture when read in whole meant different than what just that one statement used alone means...Judas was a thief and Mary was honouring Jesus (especially after raising her brother from the dead).... If we give tithe freely offering freely sacrificial offering too then paying for a conference shouldn't cause us much distress. Its not mandatory to go for one....the sermons will be availed free online after all the others do. Before i say or do anything will i be winning souls for Christ or causing others to fall??

      msophielorenmsophielorenVit më parë
    • msophieloren “Open rebuke is better than secret love.” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭27:5‬ ‭KJV‬‬ if I truly love Pastor then I would rebuke him openly not secretly because then I don’t truly love him. Also, understand that God knows the heart of men. If Jesus made it perfectly clear that no servant is greater than his master then why as the servants are we living lavishly if Jesus didn’t. Now Jesus doesn’t want us to be poor but his riches are in heaven not on this Earth because we are not of it. When the AntiChrist come and take that all away, what will they have? Will they have the Word? Will they have God? Or will they be took broken that they lost everything? Remember that we are under the new covenant and yes God blesses them for His glory! His blessing that He promised in the Old Testament for us was the Holy Spirit. Just know I am not mad at the true of men of God who refuses to live like the world want them to, I’m hurt by the men that want to live as the world does and thinks that Jesus will have their back when it’s all set and done. Like I said before, I don’t want to upset you anyone else. All I asked is im understood. This is not to cause discord but to wake the Body up! Nothings a game. And as much as I care about the Body, we are in trouble in America. Because we have true brothers and sisters in other countries who are suffering for His name and they don’t have a huge building to pray and worship in. They only have God and the floor they sit on. They continually seek God in sewage’s while we are having big buildings. Think about that. Will God destroy them because they didn’t go to conferences or help pay because they have no money? Not at all. God never changes. So if God see them as His children then what about us? He doesn’t give United States lavish then let the rest of the countries be poor. That’s not the God I serve for He loves all and expects the same for all. That’s all I wanted to say. As I don’t want to disrespect how you feel. I understand where you are coming from but I wanted to just give you fruit for thought that’s all.

      Mi'chal MooreMi'chal MooreVit më parë
  • Game changer. I'm hype.

    roselyncharlesroselyncharlesVit më parë
  • Pay to come to church?

    Ross XRoss XVit më parë
    • Are all the other conferences held by other churches free??? Lakewood, Elevation???

      msophielorenmsophielorenVit më parë
    • Ross X AMEN! This is false! I love Pastor but this is not of God!

      Mi'chal MooreMi'chal MooreVit më parë
  • What's the instrumental in the background???

    Luke SmithLuke SmithVit më parë
    • Luke Smith sounds like “Best Life” by chance and cardi b

      MyNameIsChantellMyNameIsChantellVit më parë
  • I work with under privileged young men. We view your videos to inspire them. How many of these boys will you reach with you putting a price on the Word. I can only imagine what the sermon on the mount would have been like if Jesus would have sold tickets. My God will supply all our needs without demanding money for what Jesus gave us. The price he paid was the cross. Respectfully, you will be ashamed when you stand before the living God. God has given you so many wonderful gifts. My prayer is that you use them wisely.

    Karen JordanKaren JordanVit më parë
    • I understand you writing this. I've worked with disadvantaged teens and also been involved with big churches that put on these conferences. I never see the truly poor or disadvantaged there from inner city communities. If we're honest, it's just a time for Christians to get together in a new place. $99 is a lot to pay, and usually only those who already like doing church conferences or are familiar with church will pay it. I'm waiting for the day a free concert is held with big name people. They can afford to fly anywhere, so why not give their own money and pay for hotel to put on a conference for those who can't afford it?

      Sherese James-GrowSherese James-GrowVit më parë
    • You can do something for the young men yourself....gather them into a hall and play the recorded videos.....just do your part. We are so eager to point out flaws to critic but can't self evaluate if as individuals we are doing our best or providing solutions.

      msophielorenmsophielorenVit më parë
    • I completely agree with this message. You can’t sell the Truth. PERIOD!

      Mi'chal MooreMi'chal MooreVit më parë
    • Yes but it's a conference. It's not like he is pricing his gifts, money will be needed to pay for like the venue, props, guest speakers, etc. So it's actually understandable

      Rita PrempehRita PrempehVit më parë
  • Just ordered my tickets, I'm so pumped 😊

    Illiyana LapeineIlliyana LapeineVit më parë
  • I wish I could buy them! I pray you guys hold another conference and I will be able to purchase those tickets.

    MaliseMaliseVit më parë
  • Will there be a chance to buy a video of this online when it’s over? I really want to go but I’m a single mom and my son is in school. I have no way to make it work

    Sarah NiceSarah NiceVit më parë
  • So your selling the word of God?

    Karen JordanKaren JordanVit më parë
    • Conference is drawing several of us from around the world....quick question...if they had openly shared costs that have to be covered to enable the conference happen would you have contributed willingly over and above the ticket purchase price? If yes why not put the money in an envelope with a message of how it could be done differently next time ...but not cause discord...its a sin too if you check Galatians.

      msophielorenmsophielorenVit më parë
    • AMEN!! Stop making a Business- Friendly Jesus!

      Mi'chal MooreMi'chal MooreVit më parë
    • @Scholastic Book Fair Thank you

      AthleteAthleteVit më parë
    • Please stop

      Scholastic Book FairScholastic Book FairVit më parë
  • Poor Charles 😂 I wish I could go but I have school 💔😪

    MeggsMeggsVit më parë
  • Next year, prayerfully I'll be there Lord!!

    Rachel RichardsonRachel RichardsonVit më parë
  • OMG, I wish I could go to this conference :( God bless you guys. You are amazing .

    Rebeka DelorveRebeka DelorveVit më parë
  • Oh man oh man oh man

    It's ProjectIt's ProjectVit më parë
  • 1st comment......I missed you guys so much......been in school for 3 months and now I’m on a 3 week holiday.....#BingeWatchingSermonsTime #IMissedSoMuch

    Kim TaehyungKim TaehyungVit më parë