Trading Faith // Crazy Faith (Part 8)

29 Sht 2019
502 217 Shikime

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  • He better ] PREACH!!!

    Shante MoniqueShante MoniqueDitë më parë
  • Trading Faith - (Lazy Faith II) : Quick Notes; • The greatest sign of effectiveness is fruitfulness. Reference: Luke 5:17-26, Healing the paralytic man. 1. Trading Faith is exchanging the faith that got you 'here' for the faith that will take you 'there'. (here-medication ; there-miracle) *It's by the grace of God you get here, but only faith will take you there. 2. Trading Faith has to hear the 'hate' but hold on to the 'hope'. *There's hope in the presence of God. *The 't' words, ~(stand up-'trust') Proverbs 3:5,6 ~(pick up your mat-'testimony') Revelation 12:11 ~(go home-'transformation') : Who do you trust in? If it's not God, then trade it.... Put a 't' in 'here' and get there. : May God Bless You in the name of JESUS! ❤️ Lots of Love.

    Sneha PaulSneha Paul2 ditë më parë
  • Who told pastor Mike my business? Uhh because every sermon he’s about me🤔

    Tiffany MatsvaiTiffany Matsvai3 ditë më parë
  • So last Sunday at my Church , it was Youth day and I was given the opportunity to do a sermon , which I did. Was wondering if you could take time out of your day to veiw it 🙏🏾

    VISADAGREAT -VISADAGREAT -8 ditë më parë

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  • Major Key 🔑: No more lazy faith🗣

    Alexandra BooneAlexandra Boone17 ditë më parë
  • You can do it to me Lord

    Rhonda PardueRhonda Pardue17 ditë më parë
  • Rewatching as I’m reading Luke and it hits soooooo different!!🙌🏾

    TaskylahTaskylah18 ditë më parë
  • Click this this like pastor its not lewd i gargte it

    j trainj trainMuaj më parë
  • That ignited my faith sir thank you so much✊✊🙏

    Horiba SangtamHoriba SangtamMuaj më parë
  • This song brought me back here again.

    jose alejosjose alejosMuaj më parë
  • This year has been the absolute worst. Teetering between believing In Christ but not trusting in Christ, and this really just gave me the hope to keep trying, even when things don’t get better.

    Joan DuronJoan DuronMuaj më parë
  • Man was all up in my business . Glory to GOD

    Antowyn BayleyAntowyn BayleyMuaj më parë
  • I needed this

    RHYANRHYAN2 muaj më parë
    • I think God just healed me on the inside

      RHYANRHYAN2 muaj më parë
  • I passed my exams and am shortlisted for a job.. thanks to you jc and heavenly father

    chinjumaria rajuchinjumaria raju2 muaj më parë
  • I used to engage in premarital sex with my ex-boyfriend 'til God pulled me out of that toxic relationship.. but now I am guilty in judging people who engage in that sin... I judge people who wear nasty clothing... forgive me, Jesus. thank You for the reminder where I've been and where You can bring people. change is real. thank You for this sermon. Glory to God!

    The Golden EGGThe Golden EGG2 muaj më parë
  • Got chills off of this when he rolled up that mat dear god omg I’m crying out to you!!!! I dont have the answers but lord I come to you for them! I’m grateful for my mat and I’ll gladly lay it in front of the crowds and tell my story because you’ve brought me through!!!! I’m proud of that

    Sheri NakishaSheri Nakisha2 muaj më parë
  • I have to start college on the 14th of this month! Today is the 6th! At this moment I don’t have the school fee to do my final enrolment! Buh I am having CRAZY FAITH! that I am going to start school on the start date with paid off fees!!!!!!!!🙏🏽

    Conny MarliesConny Marlies2 muaj më parë
  • It is by the grace of GOD that I am HERE and going THERE. PRAISE GOD. I am that Mercy Miracle. He is alive!

    Elizabeth AElizabeth A2 muaj më parë
  • 2:05 "He chose to surround himself with 11 other people"? Right... so one of the 12 wasn't human I guess?.... last I read there was 12...

    Robbert van SteenRobbert van Steen3 muaj më parë
  • Excellent and just what I needed to hear!!!

    Jennifer ClarkJennifer Clark3 muaj më parë
  • Back here for like the 5th time. This message really blessed me.

    prettyinmeprettyinme3 muaj më parë
  • I have a testimony. I was suffering pain in my some body parts so I pray in Jesus name and he healed me every time he save me from satan and death. I can't express my love to my father Jesus Christ he is my everything thank you father. I love you my dad. In Jesus almighty name AMEN♥️

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  • This is like my 5th time watching this.😩

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  • What a Word!!!!

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  • I NEEDED THIS today more than ever

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    • Just prayed for you! I can't wait to hear about your miracle SOON!

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  • Wow!!!! This series is such a blessing!!!!!

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  • An increase is very much needed right now

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  • Listeeennnnnn!!!!! For all the comfy mat folks!!!

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  • i be binge watching these like it's Netflix

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  • I have been at home due to the on going pandemic, we were asked to come and get my belongings from the hostel,my roommate went first, and she told me how rodents have destroyed her things, I got scared of that my belongings would have been destroyed as well, but I have been watching this series for a while now, and decided to pray concerning my belongings and have faith that my things won’t be destroyed, I went to school the following day and behold! I saw rodents playing in my shoes 😂but glory be to God! My shoes were perfectly intact,I mean perfectly intact😃# crazy faith

  • thank you for the powerful message. God bless.

    Kyle Daphnie PagulayanKyle Daphnie Pagulayan5 muaj më parë
  • WHAT A SERMON!!!!!!!

    Yeshua's LilyYeshua's Lily5 muaj më parë
  • You trying is even a miracle. It may look crazy to others but tryyyy! wheeewww chileeee

    Akira Jacobs-AbiolaAkira Jacobs-Abiola5 muaj më parë
  • Pastor Mike is on fire

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  • 35:03 that hit meeee ugh wow

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  • 1000% my favorite pastor I can understand it very well just a straight goat🐐

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  • Trusting, believing & having crazy faith for debt cancellation being debt free so I can be a cheerful giver

    Maxine MartinMaxine Martin6 muaj më parë
  • Crazy Faith can do some crazy things🙌🙌#CrazyFaith

    TheProverbladyTheProverblady6 muaj më parë
    • One thing I learned is that you to have faith in everything ✝️✝️

      TheProverbladyTheProverblady6 muaj më parë
  • 38:53 - “the stars are held up by his words” the way i felt that in my soul . . . i wanted to shout !

    Afia OtengAfia Oteng7 muaj më parë
  • Hi, I would like to share the message with my family back home and they all speak french so if in the future you may add some sub on the videos it would be great. Thank you have a blessed day

    Captain KGeezyCaptain KGeezy7 muaj më parë
  • This taught me about friendship. You have to have friends who would break the roof to get your blessing!❤

    Thecla Taonga HamanjanjiThecla Taonga Hamanjanji7 muaj më parë
  • Continue to transform me Lord 🙏🏾

    Sazzzy SazSazzzy Saz7 muaj më parë
  • Yo! Pastor Mike was prophetic at this point 37:55! He bought out "He got the whole world in his hand" right now everybody is singing that! #crazyfaith

    I Am VictoryI Am Victory8 muaj më parë
  • I fucking hate you Facebook

    j trainj train8 muaj më parë
  • Transformation church is such a blessing

    Nathalia NeluluNathalia Nelulu8 muaj më parë
  • But why is anyone even disliking this? 🙄😑

    Nontokozo XabaNontokozo Xaba8 muaj më parë
  • What bible version are you reading from it is very easy to understand

    Frank Cynthia TaylorFrank Cynthia Taylor8 muaj më parë
  • JESUS!

    Gretique MartinGretique Martin8 muaj më parë

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  • Uganda represented 🇺🇬💖 thank you God

    Evelyne's KitchenEvelyne's Kitchen9 muaj më parë
  • God just as I wanted to give up send this video to me 25-02-2020. God i will never give up as long as u have my back.. you go before me and let your Will be done in my life. My life is not the way i want it to be but after this video I believe God has everything in control

    Bella RosenbergBella Rosenberg9 muaj më parë
  • Iam listening this series..i got a faith in god he will heal my daughter 2 yr old without surgery..she is having hole in her heart..😭😭

    THAVANESH karthik for kids mathTHAVANESH karthik for kids math9 muaj më parë
  • This series is changing my life in so many ways. All I have to do is roll over to hope and trust that I will start living in purpose because in the presence of God I WILL STAND!

    maryanne karimimaryanne karimi9 muaj më parë
  • Pastor mike u way too good!!!


    Aranka KoAranka Ko9 muaj më parë
  • Transformation church is so multiethnic, but let’s get some Asian families up in this church!! My mom and I would love to come someday.

    Kat EuckerKat Eucker9 muaj më parë
  • Honestly, this is the best church service I have ever watched! I love how Mike can make us laugh and also change our mindsets. This is truly a blessing to anyone listening to this message. God is with us! 🙏🏾❤️

    Kado BeatsKado Beats9 muaj më parë
  • COME ON MY DUDE!!!!!!! This is absolutely FIRE!!! 😭🙌🏽

    Neeli VangalapudiNeeli Vangalapudi10 muaj më parë
  • My story is a long one but all i can say is that i am a strong 17 year old girl . and God is good all the time🙏🙏🙏

    Aleah SmikleAleah Smikle10 muaj më parë
  • Wow. Stand up, pick up your mat and go home. But the paralyzed man had to actually BELIEVE to stand up. He had to act. I never even realized that.

    Adjoa NAdjoa N10 muaj më parë
  • Thank you! 🙏🏽

    DanielleDanielle10 muaj më parë
  • Love this man's fire for Jesus!!!!

    A MA M10 muaj më parë
  • Tears and goosebumps

    A MA M10 muaj më parë
  • Pastor Mike God keep blessing you and covering you, the last time I broke in tears because of a sermon of the word of God was like... 15 years ago. Thankyou. Thank God for your life

    Elisa Mejia D SalazarElisa Mejia D Salazar10 muaj më parë
  • Thankyou Lord!

    MarieMarie10 muaj më parë
  • Its amazing what God is doing in my life through this series which I have also shared with others because it has impacted my life so much. God bless Micheal Todd and what he is doing in Transformation church. I know yourl have been transforming my life for the gospel and it has affected those around me as well.

    Shaina SunkerShaina Sunker10 muaj më parë
  • Year 2020 and the series of crazy faith is still sooo relevant to me and is teaching me alot in 2020. I watched the part 1 to 5 and I don't see part 6 and 7 did anyone see part 6 and 7 or they were not uploaded?

    malebo Ditlopo-Seeletsemalebo Ditlopo-Seeletse10 muaj më parë
  • I needed to hear this. Thank You, God for leading me to this. 🙏

    Hannah Esther PanganibanHannah Esther Panganiban10 muaj më parë
  • I wish they also shared the praise and worship! That would be sooooo amazing! I can feel it in my soul that they’re anointing is so strong too! Please post the praise and worship!!! Praise God!!!!!!!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

    Jasmin MooreJasmin Moore10 muaj më parë
  • Needed this ❤️

    Tashi RodriguezTashi Rodriguez10 muaj më parë
  • One word. Powerful.

    justinisasquarejustinisasquare10 muaj më parë
  • Pastor you can pull off that look! I'd never thought a pink suit would look good but you can. Thanks for the message. Needed to hear that. Keep on listening to the Holy spirit its what makes you a great Pastor!

    Alaylaana JacksAlaylaana Jacks11 muaj më parë
  • Decided to watch this series about 2 days ago and as I stumbled upon this sermon, pastor Todd started read me! This very sermon, trading faith brought tears to my eyes because in that moment I realized that it’s time for me to activate my trading faith! I declare that in the name of Jesus, I have trading faith and that I trust in God for myself and that my faith grows in God and not in other things. In Jesus name! Amen!

    Rodeshia BurksRodeshia Burks11 muaj më parë
  • 14:18- 16:18 HAD ME ACTING A FOOOOOOOL, this sermon HIT the soul🦋🤞🏾

    Jackie O.Jackie O.11 muaj më parë
  • God bless you Pastor Todd, my life is transforming listening to your sermons.

    Chipo TawodzeraChipo Tawodzera11 muaj më parë
  • My God! When he rolled up that mat. I broke out🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

    Shernice HarperShernice Harper11 muaj më parë
  • This pastor is up in my business I'm in lazy faith

    georgia blanche pintogeorgia blanche pinto11 muaj më parë
  • I do love it.

    Alex PonceAlex Ponce11 muaj më parë
  • Awesome

    Alex PonceAlex Ponce11 muaj më parë
  • Pastor Mike: what did I struggle with? Crowd: PORNOGRAPHY!! 😂😂😂😂 Testify Sir!

    Lady Flame XLady Flame X11 muaj më parë
  • I needed this 😭😭😭

    War Painted BfloWar Painted Bflo11 muaj më parë
  • Is it safe to say Jesus lived with CRAZY FAITH his entire life ?

    Nosipho DywiliNosipho Dywili11 muaj më parë
  • I was about to role up and give up yes but am like 'NAH, I PREFER CONTINUE TO SERVE THE LORD GOD NO NATTER WHAT!'

    Saint of God!Saint of God!11 muaj më parë

    Saint of God!Saint of God!11 muaj më parë
  • Amen.

    Sheana GibsonSheana Gibson11 muaj më parë
  • Wow this is a powerful series! God has been working powerfully in my life, after my baptism in May this year, God told me to literally stand up- I have been wheelchair bound for 8 years. I obeyed and for the first time in 8 years- I stood up! I have a neurological condition that causes extreme exhaustion and muscle weakness as well as a heart rate that goes through the roof when I stand. I have so much hope for the future now, but my mat hasn’t been lifted since my testimony service in June! My health deteriorated in the last few months yet I retain the ability to stand. But I hear God calling me not just to stand but also to go home! So I speak it into existence! I am going to walk again! God is going to heal me of my heart and neurological conditions! God is going to heal my pain so I no longer need to rely on the medication to keep me going! I am going to rely on the word of God! I have grown distant from God over the last months and I feel him calling me out, calling me into regular worship, regular prayer and regularly emerging myself in Gods word! I call it out- this time next year, I will be a changed person and it starts today! I won’t be bed bound by my mat anymore! God is taking my mat away from me and healing me, so that I can live a life serving HIM and sharing my testimony ! God you are SO good!

    Caledonia Beautiful EdenCaledonia Beautiful Eden11 muaj më parë
  • God is so real

    Soani VelezSoani Velez11 muaj më parë
  • Much love from India... God is speaking to me through you Mike..!! These videos are more blessing and enhancing my spiritual growth... love you to the core transformation church..all glory to our lord christ...🙏

    tales of my testimonytales of my testimony11 muaj më parë
  • WARNING: Do not watch in office, in no time you will be shouting, jumping and crying and praising God.. :) :)

    AbhishekfinchAbhishekfinch11 muaj më parë
  • We need a TC Belong group in Atlanta 😊

    Felita CalhounFelita Calhoun11 muaj më parë
  • Rewatched this today ❤️Still fire 🔥 . Love ya TC . God bless you Pastor Mike and your fam

    Felita CalhounFelita Calhoun11 muaj më parë
  • This was my message, Trading faith, i don't usually comment but today i feel like there is need to acknowledge the anointing of God in Transformation church, in every seed planted, there need to be a fruit, and i the fruit, thats why i took the decision to stand up and Trust the Lord 🙏🙏✨✨❤️ I am trading my faith

    Taniah ChifumuroTaniah Chifumuro11 muaj më parë
  • 42 minutes.....that’s something else.....

    Kaila MarcheseKaila Marchese11 muaj më parë
  • Pastor Mike's words indeed touched my heart in so many ways. This is so true, my parents Prayers and Faith probably helped me get to where I am.. God Bless you Pastor. keep inspiring people with the word of God :)

    Susan MatondoSusan Matondo11 muaj më parë
  • Love this series, is there anyway y’all could turn the audio up some more. I like to play this when I’m at work and it’s hard to hear.

    Névia Da’VesaNévia Da’VesaVit më parë
  • There seem to be more ads in this message than the previous 😕. That saddens me. One or two is one thing but there are like 7! I’ve been so blessed so much by this series. I shared it with literally every single person I know. God is so amazing! Please limit the ads if at all possible. 🙏🏾

    Mary-Ann JohnsonMary-Ann JohnsonVit më parë
  • AMEN❤️🙏🏼

    It’s JoscelynnIt’s JoscelynnVit më parë
  • Please pray for my family and our marriage, God please reconcile us as the devil is deceiving my wife and destroying our home

    HeraklesHeraklesVit më parë
  • 🙌🏾🙌🏾❤️

    Aarion HarrisAarion HarrisVit më parë