Future Unlimited / Who Do You Need To Forgive? / FU - Forgiveness University (Part 10) Michael Todd

29 Nën 2020
128 217 Shikime

Today we continued in our new series called, “FU” or “Forgiveness University.” Online classes are now in session and we are ready to learn about forgiveness. In the tenth week of this series, we learned that releasing the debt that other people have done to us releases US and OUR FUTURE! Who do you need to forgive? If you are struggling with unforgiveness, check out this week's message as well as weeks 1-9 on practical and helpful tools to help you live in freedom!

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0:00 - Intro
07:27 - Un-Forgiveness ALWAYS limits your FUTURE
12:20 - Matthew Chapter 6 Verses 9 through 12
13:22 - Forgiveness is RELEASING people of the DEBT
15:42 - Forgiveness ALWAYS affects the FUTURE
16:00 - Matthew Chapter 18 Verses 21 through 35
- Forgiveness is not about what “THEY” deserve, it is about what GOD DESIRES
26:17 - Releasing the DEBT release YOUR FUTURE
34:57 - Forgiveness needs a VISION
35:43 - Proverbs Chapter 29 Verse 18
36:56 - VISION needs a VESSEL
37:55 - Luke Chapter 18 Verse 8
38:34 - VISION must be VISIBLE